Andheri – A City in Mumbai!

Mumbai as a city is growing at an enormous pace and buildings are coming up anywhere and everywhere. Andheri is one of the liveliest places in the happening city of Mumbai. It is one of the most affluent suburbs and covers a huge area at a distance of 25 km north of Mumbai. It is also a railway station on the Mumbai Suburban Railway, Western line. Like other Suburbs, you will find Andheri divided into two sections – East and West, separated by the Railway line. Both these parts witness a lot of commercial, industrial, cultural and social activities. It implies pockets of eye-catching housing areas, with peaceful tree-lined streets, easy connectivity in suburban Mumbai etc. But it has many more things worth exploring like the beaches, awesome food, celebrities, malls, movies, sunset, market, airport, call centers & many more things.

The oldest settlements in and around Andheri were those of the East Indians. The name ‘Andheri’ was derived from Udayanagari, the name of the hill near the Mahakali Caves. In

Andheri – A City in Mumbai!

Andheri – A City in Mumbai!

early 1900s, as urbanization began to spread, other natives began occupying this areas that included Marathi, Gujarati and other settlers. Andheri, today has a population exceeding 1 million, and as per record is considered one of the most populous suburbs of Mumbai. West Andheri is largely a residential area which includes Lokhandwala Complex, Yamuna Nagar, Millat Nagar, Dhake Colony, D.N. Nagar(Earlier named as Dhake Colony), Four Bungalows, Seven Bungalows, etc. whereas East Andheri is a mixture of commercial and residential areas including MIDC-SEEPZ (Santacruz Electronic and Export Promotion Zone), Saki Naka (an Industrial Area) etc. Many call centers and business process outsourcing companies are located in the Chakala area of Andheri. You will find old houses of the Parsi community in Andheri West and some of the famous Parsi bakeries here are the Merwans and Ahura, which are flooded by patrons throughout the day. Today Andheri West is an area buzzing with sound and energy. Residential areas have sprung up from nowhere. Some key places to visit here are the Andheri Sports Complex, Juhu Circle, Infiniti Mall, Laxmi Industrial Estate etc. Booking a hotel accommodation in Andheri will help you explore places like Mahakali caves, The Vanchasiddhi temple, SEEPZ, Gilbert Hill etc. Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport also falls in close proximity and you will find many hotels around this premise.

There are a large number of business travelers and to make the most of their business trip, they go for a relaxing hotel stay with comfort and transportation to and from the airport. There are plenty of choices of various budget hotels that span the city. Most of the hotels in Andheri offer complimentary breakfast along with a stay for a good amount of travelers. You can travel in Andheri and book hotels online to get best deals from good websites like All such places and attractions of Andheri attract many domestic and international players to increase hospitality and increase business in this area.


An Amazing Downtown – Andheri

Dwelling in the largest city island of India, Andheri is known as the populous suburb of Mumbai. Andheri is located in the western side of the city on the Salsette Island; it is a residential cum commercial area. It occupies a major distance and is divided into east and west Andheri. Both these areas are a witness to a lot of industrial, commercial, cultural and social activities.

The eastern part of the suburb is a prime spot as it is in close proximity to the airport and a

An Amazing Downtown - Andheri

An Amazing Downtown – Andheri

hub for many cheap, budget and luxury hotels in and around the area. These hotels are strategically located and are accessible from both the Mumbai Airports. The best and convenient way to book hotels here is through online booking with where you can get a wide range of hotels to book from along with reasonable discounts. You can also enjoy shopping, dining and entertainment areas near the domestic and international airports. Some of the famous locations with close proximity to the airport include MIDC, SEEPZ, Goregaon Bombay Exhibition Centre, NSE, BKC Exhibition Centre etc. The newly upcoming Mumbai’s first ever Metro Railway project also resides in the entire suburb of Andheri which is a great link for the commuters travelling from the eastern suburbs and Navi Mumbai to the city of Mumbai.

The western side of the Suburb is a business, residential cum commercial area and is a home to many movie studios which have now shifted to Goregaon. One will find a wide range of budget as well as luxury hotels around these attractions as it is a populous space. This entire Suburb is also a vibrant and a happening place with several movie theatres, entertainment parks, clubs, sports complexes and shopping malls. A visit to Mumbai will be incomplete without a visit to Andheri. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, this Suburb will indeed promise you a refreshing experience.

Mahabaleshwar – Queen of All Hill Stations

Mahabaleshwar is a rejuvenating summer retreat, a popular holiday resort, a honeymoon

Mahabaleshwar – Queen of All Hill Stations

Mahabaleshwar – Queen of All Hill Stations

spot, an important pilgrimage site for Hindus and has some of the most amazing natural wonders. It is a hill station which lies in the Satara district of Maharashtra. Located in the Western Ghats, it has one of the most evergreen scenaries of the world. It is situated at a whirling altitude of about 4,718 feet and serves as a perfect weekend holiday getaway from the busy city life.

Mount Malcolm is a beautiful example of a legacy left behind by the British during their rule. John Malcolm was a general of the British troop. In 1828, he came to Mahabaleshwar and was thrilled by the charm of this place. This mansion was named in his remembrance. Though it has lost its old charisma, it attracts tourists with its unique style and architecture. Another distinct fort located in Mahabaleshwar is the Pratapgad Fort which was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. This fort holds a sound view of the Konkan region. The historic battle between Shivaji Maharaj and Afzal Khan of the Bijapur Sultanate was fought here.

Elevated at a height of 1470 meters, Arthurs Seat is another famous tourist attraction which allures tourists to capture an excellent view of the deep valleys and surrounding hills. It is the only point from where you can view the major difference between the Konkan region and the vast Deccan Plateau. Kate’s Point is a beautiful huge rock standing at a height of 50m. This rock is named after the daughter of Sir John Malcolm. This point offers you a stunning view of the Krishna Valley and the deep waters of Dhom Dam. Wilson Point is another point where you can view the sunrise from three different round platforms. Babington point is 2.5 km from the main market of Mahabaleshwar.  Makarandgadh, Solshi and Koyna valley can be viewed from this point.

Other attractions include Bombay Point (Sunset Point), Needle Hole Point / Elephant point, Connaught Peak, Lodwick Point, Elphinston Peak, Marjorie Point, Castle Rock, Monkey Point, Baghdad Point, Northcote Point, Lingamala Falls, Panchgani, Bee keeping centre, Polo Ground, Rosamond rock, Helen’s Point, Panchaganga Mandir, Shri Shankar Mandir, Shri Krishnabai Mandir etc.

So, if you are tired of your hectic schedules and daily routine, then plan a trip to the heights of Mahabaleshwar for a weekend getaway package with to lighten up your worries and tensions. A tour to the picturesque hill station would certainly become an unforgettable part of your memory and you will cherish these throughout your life.

Silvassa – A Land of Blissful Beauty and Charm

Silvassa is the capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, western India which is an Indian Union Territory and a paradise for trekkers and backpackers.  The city is famous for its natural

Silvassa - A Land of Blissful Beauty and Charm

Silvassa – A Land of Blissful Beauty and Charm

beauty. Though influenced by the Portuguese culture, you can see many different cultures in this single city. It’s a land of 72 villages and is covered with lush green forests and tall trees, along with beautiful roaring waterfalls – Nature at its best. The surroundings of Silvassa are filled with Portuguese heritage; you’ll find many Roman Catholic Churches in this town.

Tribal Exhibits

Silvassa is also famous for its warli paintings (Traditional Indian art of painting named after Maharashtrian tribe), an interesting pick if you happen to travel Silvassa. There is a Tribal Museum here which is representative and is dedicated to the Tribals of this region. This museum is brought up in the center of the town. The mannequins are so expressively crafted that you cannot resist touching them and see if it is actually alive. The museum walls are filled with spears, bows, daggers, arrows, shields and armors. Also, you will find pictures of folk dances such as Gheria Dance, Koknas Dancers, the Dhol Dancers and the stunning pyramid formed by the Tur Dancers.

How beautiful the gardens!

Silvassa basks in the beauty of its gardens and one such amazing garden is The Vanganga lake garden, also known as a beauty spot of the lake garden. This lake garden is situated right at the entry of the Dadra and Nagra Haveli. The garden is very popular with filmmakers and more than 40 hit films have been shot here. The Hirwa van Garden is also referred to as the Pipria Garden and is dedicated to the local tribal God, Hirwa which means “Greenery” or Woods”. It is an ideal place for picnics and leisure activities. Another famous spot is the Island Garden of Silvassa which is just 4 km from the Marathi town of Silvassa. If you are travelling to Silvassa, you cannot afford to visit this beautiful garden. The view is picturesque and you’ll find old style wooden bridges and bloomed flowers all around. Boating is also made available for visitors.

Encounters at the Wildlife Safari

The Lion Safari Wildlife Park is located in Vasona, 10 km away from the city of Silvassa and is an undertaking by the Dadra and Nagar Haveli Government to safeguard the Asiatic Lions. It is truly an unbelievable sight to watch lions from such a close distance in the park. The entire area is protected to ensure complete safety to visitors. This place is also home to the tribal and thus a barricade of 7 meter chain-links safeguards it from outside disturbance.

Devotion at Our Lady of Piety

There are quite a lot of monuments in this place that Silvassa would be proud of and Our Lady of Piety is one such sight. The church of Our Lady of piety is a century old chapel, built in 1886-89, by the Portuguese settlers. It is one of the oldest standing buildings in Silvassa. There are in fact many Catholic churches in Silvassa due to the settlement of Portuguese here for many centuries.

A Splash at Daman Ganga

20 km away from Silvassa is Daman Ganga which is a large riverside, offering number of water sport activities like jet skis, canoeing, speedboats and kayaking, hiking and also a chance to see the tribes of the area.

So, if you are tired of your hectic schedules and daily routine, then plan a trip to Silvassa for a weekend getaway package with to lighten up your worries and tensions. A tour to this picturesque destination would certainly become an unforgettable part of your memory and you will cherish these throughout your life.

The Scenic Town of Ganapatipule

Ganapatipule is a small town located in Ratnagiri district on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra. There are two schools of thought as to how this town got its name. According to folklore, Lord Ganesha displeased with a remark left Gule which was his original abode and landed at Pule. Another school of thought regards that the town got its name from the white sand (Pule in Marathi) which the idol of Lord Ganesha came to be formed. Hence the town got its name Ganapatipule.

The Scenic Town of Ganapatipule

Today, the town has become a major pilgrimage centre. The primary attraction here is the 400 year old Swayambhu Ganpati Temple lying on the foot of a hill adjacent to the Ganapatipule beach itself and attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year. This temple bears in itself a Swayambhoo, a naturally formed idol of Ganapati. The hill is also considered holy and a perennial spring flows from the hill to a pond besides the temple.

Ganapatipule is encircled by the Jaigad and Gopalgad fort to its north and Ratnadurga fort to its south.  Jaigad fort is 15 km north of Ganapatipule and Ratnadurga fort 25 km south are the main sea facing forts.  You can visit Jaigad during a short weekend getaway to Ganapatipule. Also, you can enjoy rappelling and spelunking at the Ratnadurga fort. There are other forts worth visiting like Gopalgad fort, Thibaw Palace etc.

The Ganapatipule beach is one of the most beautiful white beaches amongst all the konkan beaches. The Ganpati temple near the beach creates a peaceful ambience all around with the horse-riders and food stalls spread across. The Aare Ware are the twin beaches of Ganapatipule, Ware being the first one you would come across while travelling to Ganapatipule and Aare at a distance of a km from here. Besides the clean beach and clean waters, Ganapatipule is rich in its flora including mangroves and coconut palms.

So, if you are tired of your hectic schedules and daily routine, then plan a trip to this beautiful town of Ganapatipule for a weekend getaway package with to lighten up your worries and tensions. A tour to this picturesque destination would certainly become an unforgettable part of your memory and you will cherish these throughout your life.

Hong Kong – Land of the Tourists

A trip to the vibrant city of Hong Kong (a major gateway to China) is a fine way to capture a piece of the magic of a unique city. The drama, the charm and the beauty of Hong Kong Hong is all here-just as is its breathless energy. A look at the city’s history gives us a strong impression that change is the only thing constant here. Despite of all its reinventions, Hong Kong’s spirit has never changed. In fact, the same energy and dynamism that turned a group of sleepy fishing villages into crosswords of international trade is now taking Asia’s world city into the 21st century.


Hong Kong – Land of the Tourists

Hong Kong – Land of the Tourists

                                  Hong Kong Culture

While the majority of the city’s population is Chinese speakers, simply walking the streets will expose you to a medley of Asian and European languages. Hong Kong is where you’ll see elderly men playing ancient Chinese board games on digital tablets, where Christmas is celebrated with as much fervor as Chinese New Year and where State-of-the-art skyscrapers are designed in consultation with fengshui masters.

                                                                   City tour

In Hong Kong, you will appreciate the gorgeous view of the city on the Victoria Peak, experience close contact with the lovely animals in the Ocean Park and enjoy the excitement of shopping in the ‘paradise. Together with the gourmet food from all over the world, it is definitely an ideal place for a leisurely holiday.

                                                     Go-Fishing at Aberdeen

The name “Hong Kong” itself means “fragrant harbor” which is derived from the area around present-day Aberdeen on Hong Kong Island , located on the southern tips of Hong Kong Island, where fragrant wood products and fragrant incense were once traded. Aberdeen is the largest satellite town with a population of about sixty thousand. It was a pirates’ den two centuries ago and later turned into a simple fishing village. Despite modernization, traditional fishing life still prevails. If you were lucky, warm-hearted fishers would invite you onto their dwellings, from where you can glimpse the life of the boat-people. Besides experiencing the traditional life of boat-dwellers, you may also enjoy tasty sea-food here.

                              Avenue of Stars – “The Hollywood of the Orient”

Located on the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade, the Avenue of Stars pays tribute to Hong Kong’s rich cinematic tradition- both past and present. In the city often touted as the “Hollywood of the Orient”, the attraction has become a favorite for both locals and tourists. Avenue of Stars is a free attraction that can be visited any time of the day or night. It’s especially lovely in the evening when it’s illuminated with tons of twinkling lights.

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Hong Kong by making your travel reservations with Taking a trip to Hong Kong is one of the best ways to escape from the stress of everyday life while experiencing a one-stop paradise.

The Little Hill Paradise of Matheran

Matheran is a beautiful hill station nestled in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. The literal meaning of Matheran is a dense growth of jungle as its head.  Being a hill station, it is pleasant almost throughout the year. The best time to go to Matheran is post monsoon with lush greenery, waterfalls and the lake full with water. Matheran has indeed this untouched, pristine quality about it.

The Little Hill Paradise of Matheran

The Little Hill Paradise of Matheran

How to get here

Getting to Matheran in itself is half the fun. It’s a scenic two hours ascent by rail from both Mumbai and Pune to Neral (a station at the bottom of the hill). While in Matheran, no vehicles are allowed in the town which makes it’s a quiet, peaceful place and is left largely undisturbed. Horses and hand-pulled rickshaws are the only means of transport.

A pleasure and a must for trekkers

Most of the hikers climb the hill from Neral on foot and would take almost two to three hours. You can also follow the road along the tracks which takes you to the Matheran Bazaar.

What to see

Once you are in Matheran, you can truly breathe with nature. Indeed, Matheran is an unceased creation of breath taking scenery gelled in red mud and serene beauty spread across ceaselessly. We city dwellers live in stone and machine-hit houses. We fail to experience what is living in the true beauty of nature and resting in its love.

There are 36 sightseeing points, 2 lakes, 2 parks, 4 major worship places and a race course to visit inside Matheran. Even the bazaar is just a small market place, not a large commercial shopping complex. You can find Kolhapuri Chappals there which Matheran is famous for and shop for some leather products like leather bags, leather belts etc. You would like to carry back with you a pack of Chikkis which is another famous eatable at Matheran.

Matheran Points at a glimpse

The Alexander point offers the most beautiful picturesque view at a height and is located on the side of the Madhavji Road. From this point, you can view Palasdari Lake, Rambaug Point, Garbut Point, Chowk Point and downhill village of Borgaon. The Charlotte Lake is another scenic beauty in Matheran and is the prime source of drinking water in the Matheran region. The lake which is 50 feet deep was raised in 1956. You can also visit an ancient place of Pisarnath temple which is located towards the right side of the lake. As the name suggests, you can enjoy your echoes at the Echo Point. It is a central point and offers an amazing view of the whole place. The nature loving tourist will surely fall in love with the Panorama point which offers a beautiful view of the sunrise. A highly recommended place for picnics, you can enjoy panoramic view of scenic locations like Chanderi, Navara-Navari, Peb fort and Mhas-Mal. Other places include Hart Point, King George Point, Louisa Point, Mount Berry, One Tree Hill Point, Panthers Caves, Prabal Fort, Monkey Point, Rambarg Point, Valley crossing etc.

Immerse yourself on the heights of Matheran by making your travel reservations with A trip to Matheran is one of the best ways to escape from the stress of everyday life while having a perfect weekend holiday getaway.

Bhandardara – A Beautiful Untouched World

170 km from Mumbai, nestled in the Sahyadri Mountains, Bhandardara is one of the most untouched natural beauties that glorifies in its highly admired state – the most relaxing and promising weekend getaway.

Bhandardara – A Beautiful Untouched World

Bhandardara – A Beautiful Untouched World

Though not a very obvious tourist destination, Bhandardara remains truly a nature lover’s paradise and a perfect weekend holiday getaway. Bhandardara has a lot to offer right from the highest peak in Maharashtra to the oldest dams in the country and beautiful formed waterfalls during monsoons. Its blue skies, florescent lush greenery and the gushing lakes attract tourists from all over. You would not like to miss attractions like the Wilson Dam, Arthur Lake, Pravara River, Mount Kalsubai, Agasti Rishi Ashram, Ratangad Fort etc.

The largest earthen dam in the country and one of the oldest dams in Asia, Wilson Dam or Bhandardara Dam is at Bhandardara. The height of this dam is nearly 150m. Besides another close by attraction is the Arthur Lake which is popularly known as Lake Arthur Hill and is formed from the Pravara River and has a religious significance. The water of this lake is cool and calm and makes it ideal for boating. Mount Kalsubai is the highest peak of the Sahyadri Range and is a wonderful place to enjoy trekking. Other activities you can indulge in are Bird watching, Boating, Angling, Sight-seeing etc. From the top of this mighty mountain, you can get a lovely view of the Bhandardara Lake and the Wilson Dam.

Another distinct attraction of this place is the Agasti Rishi Ashram which is situated on the holy banks of the Pravara River. This place is connected to the Holy Rishi Agasti referred to in the Ramayana. Some myths say that this Rishi constantly meditated over a whole year, and it was due to this devotion that the Lord blessed him with the holy waters of the Ganga in the form of Pravara River. Many travelers from different places are attracted here due to the charm it exhibits. Bhandardara also provides plenty of opportunity for small treks and hikes for adventure lovers. The most interesting and exciting trek is the small trek to Ratangad fort; to reach Ratangad fort one should take the boat over the small lake near the village Ratanwadi.

You can also visit Amruteshwar temple, Umbrella falls (Seasonal), Randha Falls (Seasonal), Bhandardara Lake, Harishchandragad Fort, Alang Hill, Madan Hill, Kulang Hill, Alang Fort etc. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Bhandardara by making your travel reservations with  The eye-pleasing architecture, the waterfalls, the beautiful lakes and the lush greenery mingled with perfect weather makes Bhandardara ideal for travel lovers.

The Beautiful Creation of Man – LAVASA

24 km from Pune and 216 km from Mumbai, Lavasa a man-made town makes it a perfect weekend getaway destination for a traveler. Lavasa being a planned city is nestled amidst the beautiful Sahyadri Mountains and is a friendly destination for residents, tourists and businessmen alike with breath taking landscapes and serene environment. The town is majestically filled with beauty owing to its quaint villas, the flower-filled stunning hills and moving cotton clouds.

The Beautiful Creation of Man – LAVASA

The Beautiful Creation of Man – LAVASA

There are a lot of activities that the lake of Lavasa offers like kayaking, angling, jet skiing, trampolines, pontoon rides and bumper boat rides with a big splash. Adventure lovers can indulge themselves in activities like rock climbing, zip-line, rappelling etc. Also, you can breathe a new life altogether by refreshing and relaxing yourself at the spas spread all over the town.

There are some interesting places to visit while in Lavasa like the Temghar Dam. The Temghar Dam is a dam built near the Mutha River which is the most visited and a popular sightseeing place in Lavasa. It is the major source of water supply in Pune. The Varasgaon Dam along the banks of the Mose River is another attraction of this region. Another beautiful site of Lavasa is its waterfalls surrounded by lush green natural beauty and mountains. Besides, you can also experience Ayurveda, therapeutic massages and yoga at the health and wellness centers at Lavasa.

You can travel to this city anytime as it has a pleasant climate throughout the year. You can enjoy a comfortable weekend getaway and check for various accommodations at Lavasa while book your stay online to get best deals from This will become an unforgettable part of your memory and you will cherish these moments all your life.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) – A Pristine Beauty

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, earlier known as Victoria Terminus and better called by its abbreviation, CST or Bombay VT is a significant railway station in Mumbai which is located in the southern part of the city and attends as a headquarters of the Central Railways. It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site (added in 2004). It is the premiere landmark that depicts the Bollywood hero’s arrival in Mumbai.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) – A Pristine Beauty

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) – A Pristine Beauty


The building that was once called Victoria Terminus (in former Bombay), is one of the most pristine masterpieces of Victorian architecture and is a highlight among the city’s historic buildings.  It is a perfect example of Victorian Gothic Revival architecture blended with themes of Indian style design and form. You will probably pass VT several times during your visit to Mumbai, but it’s well worth a visit inside. This beauty is to the British Raj what the Taj Mahal is to the Mughal Empire. The beating heart of this beautiful place is its railway network (Asia’s busiest train station). Apart from local trains, long distance trains also travel to and fro from this terminus. The area remains busy throughout the day by locals as well as visitors and merchants due to which the traffic in this area remains ever active.

You can book an accommodation while in CST and explore places like the St. George’s Fort, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Market, Sai Dutt Temple, Seetadevi Mandir, Victoria Terminus, St. Ignacious Church, New Empire Cinema, St. Andrews and St. Columba Church, Raghunathy Maharaj Temple, Royal Cinema, Sterling Cinema, Madan Mohan Lal Ji Mandir, Kitab Mahal (art gallery), Edward Cinema etc. You can find cheap, budget and luxury hotels in and around these areas while travelling in CST and book hotels online to get best deals from good websites like All such places and attractions of CST attract many domestic and international players to increase hospitality and increase business in this area.